Attack Movie Review In Hindi 2022

People were eagerly waiting for John Abraham starrer film ‘Attack Part 1’ and today their wait is over. Directed by Lakshya Raj Singh, this film has been released in theaters from today i.e. April 1. The plot of the film is such, on which no film has ever been made in Bollywood before.

Apart from John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez and Rakul Preet Singh are also in important roles in this film. If you are planning to watch this film of John Abraham, then before that read the review of this film here, so that you can know whether you have to go to theaters to see this film or not.

What is the story of the film?

The story of the film is of Arjun Shergill (John Abraham), a soldier of the Indian Army. The film begins with a military operation, in which the Indian Army, led by Arjun, captures Gul, the most wanted terrorist. Arjun Shergill then meets Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez). Ayesha is an air hostess. Ayesha and Arjun’s meeting turns into friendship and then both fall in love with each other.

Arjun wants to marry Ayesha, but before that Ayesha dies, that too in a terrorist attack. In this attack, Arjun also gets bullets while trying to save Ayesha. Arjuna survives, but he is paralyzed. He can neither walk nor move his hands. He gets into a wheelchair and there is only one support to take care of him, that is his mother (Ratna Shah Pathak).

Arjun is very angry and sad at his helplessness, but he has no choice. However, now comes the twist in the story. Entering the film, Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) and scientist Saba (Rakulpreet Singh) sitting on top positions in the government. Saba is working on a project where a sick soldier can be made a super soldier. She invents some technology.

Subramaniam and Saba test this technology together on Arjun and he becomes a super soldier. Meanwhile, terrorist Gul’s son Hamid Gul attacks the Parliament. The Prime Minister of the country is also in his possession. Now you have to go to the cinema halls to see how John Abraham aka Arjun Shergill becomes a hostess in Parliament and saves 300 people including the Prime Minister.


The story of the film is good. If you want to enjoy just entertaining film without logic, then this film can prove to be a treat for you. The film has some of the most spectacular action scenes and it is like icing on the gold to see John Abraham doing action scenes. If you love both action and John Abraham, then you must watch this movie. What is worth watching in the film is the action in it.

The action in the film is really amazing. Such action in Bollywood films has hardly been seen in any film till now. In the matter of action, this film of John has given competition to Hollywood. Filled with stunts, action, fighting and an engrossing storyline, Attack manages to keep you glued to your seat.

When the trailer of Attack came out, many people speculated that John Abraham’s film was inspired by Vin Dijon’s Bloodshot or Wayne Jam’s Universal Soldier, but no it is not at all. Filmmakers had told this film inspired by DRDO, because according to them DRDO (Defense Research and Development) is also working on a similar project.


John Abraham is the life of the film. Although John Abraham acts the same in each of his films, but this time you will get to see a slight change in him. A little comedy touch has also been given to him in this action film of John Abraham. You might find the conversation between John Abraham and his mind-reader Chip Ira in the film amusing. At the same time, talking about Jacqueline, she has got very little screen space, but she has done full justice to her character in whatever she has got.

Rakulpreet Singh did the film Dhruva with Ram Charan. As Rakul appeared in that film, she has also appeared in Attack. Rakulpreet is shown as a very serious person in the film and this character has also been fitting on her. Afghan actor Elham Ehsaas has been cast as the villain in the film. Elham might have been cast for another character, but he didn’t fit in as a villain. The rest Ratna Shah Pathak, Prakash Raj, Rajit Kapoor and Kiran Kumar have done full justice to their respective characters.

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