What Is Lampi Virus? What Are The Symptoms Of Lumpi Virus And Methods Of Prevention

After battling a dangerous epidemic like coronavirus, the situation had started to normalize that now a disease like lumpi virus has wreaked havoc on innocent animals. Nowadays, this deadly disease has infected in the country, especially in 10 different states including Rajasthan and Gujarat. Apart from our country, a large number of milch animals have lost their lives due to this disease (Lampi virus) in other countries also. It is an incurable disease for which no antidote has been prepared so far.

What is Lumpi Virus?

The lampi virus is a deadly disease found in animals. This disease is being found in milch animals, mainly it is being seen in cows. Thousands of cows infected with this have died. Lumpi Virus is transmitted to other healthy animals only by coming in contact with the infected animal. Lumpi virus has been declared a notified disease by the World Organization for Animal Health. There is no definite cure for it yet. However, it can be treated only on the basis of symptoms.

This disease is also known as ‘Lumpi Skin Disease Virus’ ie LSDV. In the past also, cases of animals getting infected with this epidemic have been seen in other countries. This virus spreads only in animals and there is no risk of infection in humans. This has been confirmed by the doctors of AIIMS.

How does the lampi virus spread?

Lumpi virus is a contagious disease that is transmitted from one animal to another. For information, let us tell you that its infection can be mainly spread by mosquitoes, flies, wasps, lice etc. Apart from this, it can also spread through direct contact with animals. This disease can also spread, especially by eating together / consuming contaminated food and water. Lumpi Virus is a very fast spreading virus. At present, the outbreak of this disease has been confirmed in more than 15 states. The only way to save animals from this disease is to identify the symptoms on time and start treatment on the basis of them.

Know here the symptoms of lampi virus

These symptoms (Lumpi Virus Symptoms) are being seen in animals infected with Lumpi Virus –

  • Animals infected with the lumpi virus have a high fever after infection.
  • There is a significant reduction in the quantity of milk.
  • Rashes and lumps are formed on the skin of animals.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling and lameness in the legs of the animal.
  • Decreased working capacity in male animals.
  • There is a decrease in the weight of the animal.
  • It is also one of the main symptoms of drooling and watery eyes and nose.
  • Apart from this, different symptoms can also be seen in different animals.

What is the protection against lumpi virus?

Know here how to protect your animals from Lumpi Virus.

  • If an animal becomes infected, keep it away from other animals.
  • Try to keep the animal’s place clean regularly.
  • To eliminate flies, mosquitoes, etc., use sprays or any other similar home remedies from time to time.
  • If an infected animal dies, then you should not throw its carcass in the open but bury it deep. So that
  • there is no risk of infection.
  • Spray insecticides in the surrounding areas from time to time.
  • You can vaccinate your infected animals with gotpox vaccine on the instructions of the doctor.
  • Animals can also be given multi-vitamin medicines (with the advice of a doctor) to increase their immunity.
  • Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic drugs are also being given to avoid lampi virus.

Question and Answer Related to Lumpi Virus

What is lumpi virus?

Lumpi Virus is a deadly infectious disease that mainly infects cattle in cows.

What are the symptoms of lampi virus?

Animals infected with the lumpi virus show these symptoms – rash on the body such as lump formation, high fever, watery nose, drooling, swelling and lameness in the legs, weight loss, reduced milk, appetite Do not stick etc.

What is the treatment of Lumpi Virus?

There is no cure for lumpi virus yet. However, it is being treated based on the symptoms of the animal.

How to protect animals from lumpi virus?

For this, keep regular cleanliness in the place of all the animals. Use mosquito repellent spray/insecticide from time to time. Your animals can be vaccinated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic, etc. on the instructions of the doctor.

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